Funny Pig Movies

babe film

Babe is a superb movie that was released in 1995 and was very popular winning Academy Awards as a result. Babe won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects plus was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Best Art & Set Direction, Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Picture and Best Screenplay. The film also won best comedy movie at the British Comedy Awards the same year.

The story is very endearing with Babe the pig as the central character. Farmer Hoggett wins Babe at a local fair and Babe makes friends with all the animals on the farm. He takes up sheep herding which is unusual for a pig, while with the help of Fly the dog and the farmer he learns how to herd the sheep successfully. It’s a lovely tale that proves that even a pig can become anything he wants to be with a little help from his friends.

The Cast includes voice overs from Christine Cavanaugh as Babe, the superb Miriam Margolyes as Fly the dog, Danny Mann as Ferdinand, Miriam Flynn as Maa, Russie Taylor as Duchess the cat plus many more incredible animal voices too numerous to mention. Babe was directed by Australian Chris Noonan.

Baby pigs grow very quickly and it is an interesting fact that during the making of Babe forty eight baby pigs were used, while fifty six animal trainers were also required to train over one thousand animals. Babe is a great pig movie that is really funny in fact one of the best pig movies of all. If you haven’t seen it yet you simply must.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web film

This delightful movie stars Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider who promises to help Wilbur by planning a way of escaping ending up on the dinner table. Released in 2006 it was directed by the late Gary Winick who unfortunately passed away in 2011 at the age of forty nine.

The Movie was nominated and won some prestigious awards including the Blimp Award at the Kids Choice Awards 2007. Some big names in terms of actors are associated with the film. Julia Roberts voiced Charlotte the spider, Dominic Scott Kay voiced Wilbur the pig, Kathy Bates voiced Bitsy the cow, Oprah Winfrey Gussy the goose and Sam Shepherd voiced the narration.

The story is really endearing as Wilbur is reprieved from slaughter by the farmer’s daughter only to realise that at some point he may end up on the dinner table. When he moves into the barn he befriends all the animals and Charlotte the spider spins a web that contains a message in order to prevent Wilbur being the next pig for slaughter. It’s a tale of friendship, while it has sad undertones of what it must be like to be a pig that may end up as the Sunday roast.

The movie was filmed in Australia, while they used forty seven Wilbur’s during its production. Charlotte’s Web is a film enjoyed by children but there are scenes that may upset little ones therefore it is advisable that parents decide if their children are old enough or if the movie is suitable for their age group. This is a great movie with an awesome story to it that we think will stand the test of time.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm film

Animal Farm written by George Orwell was made into a movie in 1999. The story is based on a satirical look at Russia under Stalin where the animals in the farm rebel and take over from the humans. The animals are led by the pigs Snowball and Napoleon who represent Stalin and Lenin. The pigs intend to create a fair society where everyone is equal but as so often is the case with communism one of the pigs Napoleon gets a taste of power and wants everything for himself. To quote a phrase all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

Directed by John Stephenson the film is voiced by Kelsey Grammar, Ian Holm, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Patrick Stewart, Peter Ustinov and many more. The film won the 2000 Genesis Award for a Television Film and The International Fantasy Film Award for Best Special Effects from Fantasporto. Animal Farm is a television movie classic and fans who have read the book will surely love the film.

Three Little Pigs Cartoon

Three Little Pigs cartoon

This animated film is a Disney classic that was released in 1933. Produced by Walt Disney himself it is the classic fairy tale story of the three little pigs that are stalked by the big bad wolf. They take refuge after much ado in the third little pigs house of bricks. This is a film that has certainly stood the test of time being as popular with children today as it was eighty years ago.

The star voices in the movie although not well known today are well known stars of yesteryear including Billy Bletcher, Pinto Colvig and Dorothy Compton. In 1934 Three Little Pigs won the Oscar Academy Award for Best Short Subject Cartoon. One of the most famous songs from the film “Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” is now a classic and at the time was an anthem for looking on the bright side of life during the years of the depression. Disney has produced many classic animated films with Three little Pigs being one of them.