Bad Piggies – Helping swine that are up to no good hitch a ride to the finish line

bad piggies

Angry birds are all but a thing of the past: it’s time for some bad piggies to carry the figurative torch the rest of the way to the finish line. Bad Piggies is a physics-based puzzle game that offers more depth than its angry avian counterpart in that instead of simply flinging the subjects from A to  B in order to destroy C, you must construct a contraption at point A with provided items B through H and get them to point I in order to collect the precious eggs that will win you the game. Simple in concept but challenging in practice, Bad Piggies has the charm and character to challenge and entertain.
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Pigs Can Fly: They Really Can!

pigs can fly

I just can’t get enough of physics, since they are the laws that pretty much govern the universe; games based on these rules are amongst the most enjoyable on the internet. Pigs Can Fly takes a variety of obstacle-containing situations and requires you to get the wingless pig to a magic flying potion stationed elsewhere on the screen. Expect a familiar physics-game feel with some fresh gameplay mechanics that are a work of impressive innovation in one of the best piggy games out there.
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300 Miles to Pigsland

300 miles to pigsland

For fans of platform gaming, the internet has a rich selection of challenging and well-designed games of this genre to be played their heart’s content, with the variety of styles and distinctive variations on the format being almost too huge to describe. Platform gaming has come a long way since the times of Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, and 300 Miles to Pigsland is a refreshing example of a game whose developer paid close attention to both the quality of the gameplay and also the visual style of the experience as well.

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Funny Pig Movies

babe film

Babe is a superb movie that was released in 1995 and was very popular winning Academy Awards as a result. Babe won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects plus was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Best Art & Set Direction, Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Picture and Best Screenplay. The film also won best comedy movie at the British Comedy Awards the same year.

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